Tournament Schedule

Small Teams20 or less
Team 1Princeton Roaring 20
Team 2Koleinu
Team 3Shere Khan
Team 4Club Rock Team
Team 5Lobster Club
Team 6Club Ballroom Dance
Team 7Tiger Company (ROTC)
Team 8Princeton Beekeeping Team
Team 9Tiger Mag
Team 10Princeton Public Health Review
Team 11Industrial Relations Section
Team 12Women's Rugby
Team 13Varsity Men's Water Polo
Team 14Theater Intime
Team 15Princeton Corporate Finance
Team 16Princeton Evangelical Fellowship
Team 17Men's Club Hockey
Team 18Club Baseball
Team 19Nasoons
Team 20Footnotes
Team 21Quipfire!
Team 22Tigressions
Team 23Fuzzy Dice
Team 24Princeton University Band
Team 25Women's Club Volleyball
Team 26The Aquinas Institute
Team 27Princeton Surf Team
Team 28Giving What We Can
Team 29Mathey RCAs
Team 30The Real Food Co-op of Mathey College
Team 31Varsity Squash
Team 32Varsity Tennis
Medium Teams30 or less
Team 1Club Cricket
Team 2Tapcats
Team 3Varsity Ice Hockey
Team 4BUFF
Team 5Orange Key
Team 6Return of the SHAB
Team 7The Princeton Pianists Ensemble
Team 8Triangle Club
Team 9Princeton Debate Panel
Team 10International Relations Council
Team 11Entrepreneurship Club
Team 12Sympoh
Team 13BodyHype Dance Company
Team 14Outdoor Action
Team 15Princeton Songwriters Society
Team 16BAC Dance Company
Team 17Varsity Men's Swimming and Diving
Team 18Princeton Data Science
Team 19ASCE (Civil Engineers)
Team 20Integrated Science Curriculum (ISC)
Team 21University Press Club
Team 22Princeton Sports Analytics
Team 23Tiger Investments
Team 24Princeton University British Society
Team 25Community Action
Team 26Manna Christian Fellowship
Team 27Varsity Sprint Football
Team 28Varsity Women's Swimming and Diving
Team 29Princeton University Equestrian Team
Team 30Varsity Men's Lacrosse
Team 31Varsity Basketball
Team 32Princeton Athletic's Staff
Large Teams60 or less
Team 1The Daily Princetonian
Team 2Varsity Football
Team 3Varsity Track and Field
Team 4Grad College
Team 5Sports Clubs
Team 6PFA
Team 7Terrace
Team 8Woo Fast Woo Furious (WWS)
Huge Teams All Club/Res College Members
Team 1Colonial
Team 2Charter
Team 3Cloister
Team 4Ivy
Team 5Mathey
Team 6Rocky
Team 7Tower
Team 8Cannon
Team 9Whitman
Team 10Forbes
Team 11Quad
Team 12Cottage
Team 13Wilson
Team 14Butler
Team 15Cap & Gown
Team 16Tiger Inn